2021 Mothers Day Gift Ideas- 13 Things Mom Will ACTUALLY like!

by | Apr 15, 2021

This year for Mother’s Day will be the first time that I myself am a mother! My husband and I recently had our first baby and we couldn’t be more excited.

So for the first time- I’ll actually be on the receiving end of Mother’s day!

So for today’s post, I’ve found 13 things that most mama’s out there would love to receive as a mother’s day gift. They’re practical gifts that are budget-friendly!

1. Hanging Flower basket from a local nursery – $25+

Honestly, who doesn’t love flowers?!

Rather than flowers in a vase that die in a week, you can enjoy an outdoor hanging basket so much longer! With spring in the air, a hanging basket is always a nice choice and a great way to support a local nursery!

Hanging flower baskets are something that I’ve purchased in the past and as long as they’re cared for- will look amazing all summer long.

2. Gardening tool bag with tools – $31.99

For those mamas out there who have a green thumb -this set has everything that you need… well besides the actual flowers!

Gardening can be tough sometimes. But with the right tools nearby it can be such a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

I love all of the pockets in this tool bag!

Gardening is something that Greg and I have just picked up as a hobby- AND WE LOVE IT!!

We are so excited for the day when our son is old enough to learn about growing flowers and vegetables in the garden.

3. Birthmonth Flower Pendant – $27.00

Another flower themed gift- Yay!!

These beautiful pendants from Etsy are a very cool way to have personalized jewelry of your littles without using their names or birthstones. The flowers are beautifully displayed on a quality pendant that will last for years.

Each month is a different flower. For example, if your little one is born in January- the flower would be a Snowdrop. If July, then the flower would be a Water Lily.

So cool and unique!

4. Birthstone Stacking Rings – $104

These modern stackable custom rings are so fun! The seller has other band options if you have more children or would prefer different colored metal.

I love how much you can customize them and find the perfect stackable set for you!

Wear them on your right hand, or on your left with your wedding ring. These rings look amazing and the reviews are all over the top positive!

5. Modern Birth Poster – $65

This poster is a 1 to 1 size ratio of your little babe when they were born! You can choose between a few different layouts and can add a stylish modern frame for an additional charge.

I personally love the continuous line design!

I’m always thinking to myself how fast our son has grown in his 4 months of life. Every time I pack up clothes that don’t fit I get teary-eyed!!

This is a super unique gift that reminds us how small our little babes once were and tugs on the heartstrings of every mama out there!

Use code “raising.them.naturally10″ for 10% off your order!

6. Custom photo gift – $4.99+ (depending on the item)

Mugs, canvas prints to photo books, and more- Snapfish offers a ton of awesome personalized gifts mama will love!

Their website is very easy to use. Just upload your image(s) that you want to use and order!

I’ve used them for a bunch of gifts in the past and the recipients have always loved each and every one of them. Snapfish ALWAYS has sales and discounts which makes this a pretty budget-friendly gift. A huge plus in my book!

7. WiFi Digital Frame – $110

I bought this for my mom as a Christmas gift and she LOVES it!

She lives about 4 hours away and doesn’t get to see her grandson often so this is great. I just send the picture directly to the frame and she is able to see it for her viewing pleasure. The frame showcases all of the images sent in the gallery.

My mom loves this because as she’s walking through the room she always sees another new picture of our little one!

8. Weighted blanket – $55.99

For the mom who loves hugs, this weighted blanket gives comfort and snuggles when the littles are away…

A great option for those mama’s who have anxiety or are needing a better night’s sleep! Those who have purchased this blanket say it helps with both.

9. Best Mom Ever Candle – $18 (7oz)

I am a total sucker when it comes to candles- I just can’t get enough of them!

Made with 100% soy wax and natural scents these candles are a perfect gift for a health-conscious Mama!

There are many other candle variations with hilarious and slightly inappropriate sayings, trust me there are some good ones you will want to see! I chose the “Best Mom Ever” one as the “safe” version for younger eyes.

You can pick your scent of the candle too, I’d personally choose Mimosa!

Use promo code RTM2021 for 10% off your total order!

10. Echo Dot Smart Speaker – $39.99

Hands-free smart speakers are all the rage these days! For a mama whose hands are always full, these are super convenient!

For such a small speaker, the sound quality is really great, and for $40 it’s affordable and makes a great Mothers Day Gift!

11. Charcuterie Board Set – $38.99

For the mom who loves to entertain…or just loves to eat snacks because snacks are LIFE!

Greg and I use our charcuterie board quite often when friends and family are over. It’s nice being able to arrange tasty treats on it instead of a plate.
This board set is great because it has grooves carved out to separate out your favorite snacks. It even holds the knife set!

12. Insulated Wine Tote Bag & Tumbler Set – $44.95

What Mama doesn’t love wine?! Even though I haven’t had a glass of wine in over a year while pregnant and breastfeeding- I look forward to that first glass!!

This cooler tote is perfect for picnics in the park and mommy play dates, kidding… but if you are into that, a wine picnic with your favorite mom friend sounds pretty great doesn’t it?!

Made of super-durable material, that will last for years to come!

13. Pebble Family Art – $44.33

For those mama’s who enjoy a more natural look, this is a cute and super unique way to showcase your family!

This is a beautiful piece of art to display in your home for all to admire.

Choose from four different wood frames to match the decor of the rest of the home.


Hopefully, this list gives you some good Mother’s Day gift ideas. I know I’ll be asking Greg to get me at least one this from this list!! Does anything stand out to you? What you would like to receive for Mother’s day?

** All prices were researched April 2021 and could be subject to change after publishing this post

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